Shagun Atta ( Whole wheat Flour )

Shagun Atta is made from the selected quality golden wheat grains using state-of-the-art hygienic process that secures the nutrient value of each grain. Best quality wheat is selected from various parts of the country , cleaned with latest machines and then traditionally grinded in chakkis. We take special care to offer superior quality atta where Nutrition, Fiber, Protein etc. are maintained for lump-free quality that stays fresh for long. Shagun atta absorbs more water, which ensures that rotis remain soft for a longer period (under normal conditions).

Shagun Atta is available in 5 kg and 10 kg pack sizes.

  • Pack Size
    5 Kg Poly Pack
    10 Kg Poly Pack
  • Net Contents
    10 X 5 Kg
    5 X 10 Kg
  • Net Weight/Outer bag
    50 Kg
    50 Kg