Shagun Besan (Gram Flour)

Shagun Besan comes with the guarantee of purity. It is made from the best quality, sortex clean chana dal processed with premier hygienic system, which ensures that the batter is thick, easy to use and stays fresh for a long time. Besan is used for making varied delicacies like Pakora, Dhokla, Kadhi, Namkeen, and many such mouth watering delicacies. Shagun Besan absorbs very less oil or ghee in the preparation of food which keeps the food light and healthy. That is why, Shagun Besan is one of the most popular brands amongst customers.

Shagun Besan is available in 500 g pack.

  • Pack Size
    500 gm Poly Pack
    500 gm Poly Pack
  • Net Contents
    20 X 500 g
    30 X 500 g
  • Net Weight/Outer bag
    10 Kg
    15 Kg